Reach for the Stars

Memories Living on the Rez

Summer Nights no cars coming

Laying on the road 

Looking up at the Stars 

Dreaming To Become what I was destined to do


My Auntie Vernie Came out to look at the Stars with me

She said stars in her eyes

One day your gonna be that shooting Star

You have a Special gift

You are the only one
Who can bring loved ones
In your dreams before they pass
You was Born on a full moon
Your first cry the stars had a shower for you

I know what he’s doing
He will be punished
Baby you can’t give up
Or try knocking on heavens door
Again your only 10
You have a destiny to fill
But first, there will be Obstacles

Some will be Painful 

And some will be easy

I know you will pass them

You have a strong spirit


When you find out 

That the Darkness that keeps you chained 

Isn’t Really Darkness 

It is what wounded your soul

Keeping you from 

Reaching Your Star
You’ve been chasing
It will come back to you
When the Creator feels your ready

 ok stars in her eyes
I Love You baby girl

See you in the Morning

Walking off she turned around 

And said Never stop Reaching 

Stars in her eyes

She told me your real close

I’m Always NEAR

Reach For the Stars

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