Spirit Bear

Struggling through life
I always had you guiding and protecting me from MotherHood


Creator has alway’s had my back

Sending me Spirit Bear.


As a child, I was sexually abused

Lost & afraid

I wasn’t alone 

Spirit Bear was there

I felt it even though I was too little

She was there

Like A Mama Bear Protecting her Cub


As a Teenager Always running away

When I first experience my first near death

Hiding near the river during the winter 

I swam across hit an Undertow

Went under 3x my Friend grabbed hold and pulled me out

Starting CPR I finally came out coughing

Saved Again Thankful 

Spirit Bear was beside me


Through Everything 

Addiction and Motherhood

She was Beside me



June 26th, 1999

my 2nd, Near Death

On our way to an After Party 

I and my cousin was in a tragic accident

She was thrown at the top of a Cliff

I was thrown after 300ft

A Shattered Knee

Blood coming from my eye’s

My Ears 

And Nose 

Collapsed Lung 

Asking Creator Please 

Let me see my babies 

One More Time 

Creator did Better

He sent Spirit Bear

She Laid Beside Me Til Help Came

She Came in a Form of a Bear Cub

So I couldn’t be Frightened


February 9th, 2018

My 3rd Tragic Accident

Sitting on a Sidewalk 

Drinking my Sorrows

A Lady got into her SUV

Drove off the Sidewalk 

she didn’t see me 

Run Over Me & Dragged me 80ft

By time She was Stopped 

Her Back Tire was on my Chest

Barely Breathing

Both Sides of My Ribs Broke 

Both Hips & Pelvic Broke 

Lost Use Of My Left Arm

I was Rushed to ER

My son waiting for an update

The nurse came and told him

I had held your mom’s hand when she took her last breath

Before my son could freak 

The nurse said your mom minutes late Came back Screaming 

My Husband took Care Of Me 

For Months Now that’s Love

Year Later I went to my Husbands Band Concert 

someone showed up to Push my Buttons 

I was so upset I started doing Shots 

Not good Idea Taking Medication


rushed to Hospital 

They could not wake me up 

they did everything 

Finally, I woke up 

They Kept Me 3 Days 

I survived Everything Life threw 


She Never Left Me 

Spirit Bear 

Protecting me through Life

A Mama Bear Protecting Her Cub


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