Weaving Basket

I’m clean,

   I’m free from this toxic poison,

 I start to weave my soul Inside  ,

This traditional basket,

     Every stitch I weave 

Inside these  ,

 Healing myself, 

Inside this traditional basket ,

    I begin walking the red road,

As I weave my Healing, 

  My soul begins to live again , 

As I weave my Healing 

Inside this traditional basket…


Thinking as tears fall

  Why do I keep hurting myself?

Like a shadow in the distance 

   Invisible to all,

There I go again, 

Messing everything up, 

   Got confused and lost you,

Your running through my mind again,

    Come back don’t leave me here,

It never stops,

There I go again, 

I have my sorrow ,

   And I have my pain 

But I don’t have you,

  So lost and confused, 

Trying to find my way,

   Like a shadow in the distance, 

Invisible to all,

   Trying to find my way 

Back to you.

The author Poetic beauty

I have so many notebooks full of my writings, I handwriting all my work before I type, I go through alot of pens,

For me I enjoy handwriting everything first and dating it, that’s my Copyright, to prove my work is original, even if my stories Don’t get recognized, I know it will be enjoyed by my kids and grandkids and then thier children, I’m a Storyteller, so my imagination, the things I had to learn, and our traditions that was handed down to me from the elders, to keep our traditions alive I tell them stories , it’s an honor to be a storyteller,

Dear Star

I screamed,
I cried ,
I even asked the creator why,
I got my answer
it wasn’t your time
why can’t I give up

Because I gave you courage
Don’t worry my precious star,
Your trial is almost over
And your true happiness is near
Your ready for what
I been preparing you for,

Then your dreams will come to you,
Then why do I feel so broken ?

Oh child that’s just the devil tricking you
Your strong ,
Stars in her eye’s are you ready ,
To pass your biggest battle ?
Yes I’m ready…