The Storyteller

Written by
Poetic Beauty


I screamed,
I cried,
Even asked why?
Creator please I need you,
His reply was,
It was not your time,
Why can’t I just give up?

Because I gave you courage,
Don’t worry child,
All your dreams are about to come true,
Happiness is near,
My child is you ready,


Child for what I been preparing you for,
Are you sure I’m ready father?

Chapter one

Born on a full moon
The elders was a witness to
This special birth,

It was very inspirational
How the stars lit the night sky
In honor of the child
born of the stars,

Her eyes had Galaxies in them
Her Auntie gave her a powerful name ,
Dehu-jade’s Spirit name is
“Stars in her eye’s”

The Creator was pleased
With a smile,
He made it clear nobody is to tell
Her about the name
Till she is twelve years of age,
I need to strengthen her,
She will start her challenges at an early age,
Her Beautiful soul ,
Will have no hatred,
Only empathy,

She will be adored
By how she smiles through pain,
Her Auntie will be the only one
To tell her when time comes ,
You will all call her dehu-j-ade,
I will send four special guardians
To protect her,


Dehu-jade’s laughter was precious
To her father,
He can hear her as he is returning
From his hunt,
They had a bond that could never be broken,
Each time dehu-j-ade’s father
Would reach the top of the hill
He would make an owl call,
She would repeat the call,

And run over to meet him halfway,
Her father would lift her and put her on his shoulders and pull the carrier with deer meat,
As the get close to their wikiup,
Smiling Bear ,
Would tell her the story of night
She was born,
And how she will save her people,
Through Storytelling,

Dehu-j-ade would get excited,
With her bright smile ,
I can’t wait Daddy,
Smiling Bear would reply
And tell her I can wait,
Not too fast Baby Girl,

Why Daddy?
Because my little princess
I want to enjoy watching your childhood

Dehu-jade says okay daddy not too fast,

It was a Beautiful sunny day
Everything was going well,
They made it back,
Dehu-j-ade says wait Daddy
I made you something,
Ok princess I will be inside
Washing up for dinner ,
Okay father,

She runs over to get her gift she made
It was a thick redwood stick she found and
She took the arrowhead she found by the river
And wrapped it with sinew tightly
And tied a couple of turkey feathers at the end,
She was so excited,
Now father can get big fish with this,
All of a sudden, she heard yelling,
And a strange man came running out,
Her father came out with a shotgun,
Daddy No !

Smiling Bear seen the fear in his Little Girls eye’s,

He turned around and apologized to her,
Everyone knew dehu-j-ade did not like violence,
Smiling Bear came back out with his Belongings, walking over to say his goodbyes,

Daddy has to leave,
With tears in her eyes, she hugs him tightly,
Daddy don’t leave me here,
Smiling Bear replied,
I will come back for you,
You promise daddy?

Princess you know Daddy doesn’t
Make promises because sometimes
Things don’t go the you want
Then that promise has to be broke,

I will make sure you are taking cared of
And loved,
Daddy how? when you’re leaving me,
You’re the only one who loves me,
Smiling Bear Replied “
Baby girl your auntie loves you too
Oh yeah, I forgot,
But what I meant Daddy was between you
And mommy, you’re the only one who loves me,
Ah baby girl your mom loves you,
Dehu-jade replied,
You sure about that Daddy?

Smiling Bear laughs with tears in his eyes,
You are very special little girl,
I’m so blessed the creator let me be your father,
Dehu-j-ade tells her daddy,
Then why do you want make him mad?
I don’t want you to be spanked because mommy is bad,
Smiling Bear tries not to laugh,

Awe baby girl,
He won’t spank me,
I have already talked it over with him,
Now before I go do you want to show me what
You made?

Dehu-j-ade oh yes,
Here Daddy you are going to need this
He was so surprised,
Do you know what it’s for Daddy?
Yes, a spear for fishing,
Dehu-j-ade giggles,
I love you my little princess,
I love you too Daddy,
Smiling Bear didn’t want to let go of
His baby girl,

He walked away and then looked back
She was laying by her wolf crying,
He yelled I love you Princess’
I promise I will come for you,


The next day after Smiling Bear left,
Dehu-jade’s Mother Maribeth,
Packed her daughter’s belongings,
And woke up Dehu-j-ade,
Get up and get dressed,
What is going on Mommy?

Maribeth replied’
I’m taking you to your cousins
My family,

Dehu-j-ade starts crying,
No mommy I don’t want to leave my home,
They are mean to me,
Dehu-j-ade stop crying now,

I need someone to watch you,

DDehu-j-adetellss her mom,
Auntie will take care of me,
No you will not be coming back
To the reservation,

She grabs Dehu-j-ade
And drags her out,
Dehu-jade’s auntie and uncles came
Running to help her,

Her uncle says you can’t take her
From us, she belongs with her people,
Maribeth responded in anger,
She belongs with my family,
Dehu-j-ade reaches out for her auntie
I don’t want to leave,

Auntie says as they she watched them leave,
Her family is going mistreat and abuse her,
Her uncle replied,
How can anyone hurt her?

They arrived meribeth says come on,
Dehu-j-ade is crying,
Please I don’t want to stay here,
Too bad now come on,
Her great aunt answers the door,
Come in she says,

She looked at Dehu-j-ade
And says she’s Indian?
Maribeth replied yes, she is,
I’m sorry I dishonored the family
Having a child from a Indian
Please forgive me,

I did love him once,
But lost it, when he put all his attention
To our daughter,

Her aunt asks does this child know
How to wash dishes?
Yes she is very good at doing her chores,

When will you come for her?
A month Aunt Carol,
Ok she can sleep out in the barn,
Thank you so much,

She went to hug Dehu-j-ade,
Her daughter turned away,
And tells her I will never forgive you


Dehu-j-ade was always sad after
Being at her aunt Carol’s house,

Dehu-j-ade was made a slave
Doing everyone’s chores,
Being mistreated and blamed
For her cousin’s misbehavior,
She was punished by being
Whipped with a willow tree branch,

She is trying not to cry as she is scrubbing
The floor,

The doorbell rings
She answers the door,
It was her mother,
Maribeth didn’t even ask her what was wrong,
She just told her to get her things,

Dehu-j-ade replied I don’t have nothing here,
Let’s just go, she grabbed Dehu-j-ade by the shoulder,
Dehu-j-ade cried out in pain,
Maribeth lifted her daughter’s shirt,
And was shocked to see the lashes and bruises on her back,

I didn’t know she told Dehu-j-ade,
Dehu-j-ade replied,
Maybe you didn’t but you left me here
Without listening when I said they are mean to me,
You just didn’t care,

Without Meribeth letting her aunt know
She just left, Dehu-j-ade got closer only to
Find darkspirit inside the vehicle,
She was upset and didn’t say a word
All the home,


Dehu-jade turns ten today
But she doesn’t smile,
Dark Spirit did things to her,

Her auntie is worried,
Her uncle one arrow asked the elder
What’s wrong auntie?
She replies look at our niece,
Trying not to cry,
She changed, never smiles anymore,
Always outside making sharp weapons,
The only one she opens up to is her wolf,

One arrow answer’s back,
Why is she making those weapons?
I think dark spirit is hurting her,

One arrow becomes very angry,
With rage,

One arrow got his name by
His talent for shooting a bow
And only needing one arrow
To kill his prey or enemy,

Auntie told one arrow calm down son,
It’s up to Dehu-j-ade to stop him,
And she is planning her attack,
One arrow says I want my smiling niece
Back, the one who always brightens up
Our day with just her smile and laughter,
Auntie says I know son,

We will see her smile again,
Now get the fire going so we can
Prepare the feast,
One arrow says I’m on it,

All of a sudden darkspirit yells out,
Dehu-j-ade get in here now,
You worthless child,

One arrow dropped the wood and started
To head over to hurt him,
auntie says no son,
She will defend herself and take care of it,
That night Dehu-j-ade slowly sneaks into her mom’s room and puts a blade to dark spirits throat,
Then when she seen blood she stopped
And said you’re not worth it,
She ran out grabbed some clothes and things
She needed to hunt and went up to the mountains,
Wolf went with her,

She was confused with what she feeling,
She couldn’t hate nobody or be revengeful,
She didn’t understand why she felt
Everyone’s emotions, or energies,
The older she became,
She started realizing her abilities,
Struggling to control everyone’s emotions,
She started to isolate herself,

She became more Dangerous
Making the Creator worried
So he made a choice to send the second
Guardian spirit bear,
Dehu-j-ade was only ten when she tried
Taking her life,
Dehu-j-ade was losing a lot of blood
Laying close to the river,
Spirit bear seen wolf trying to pull her towards the water spirit bear found a leaf from a plant
And rinsed it in the river and put it on her wrist
Putting pressure to stop the bleeding,
Bear told wolf to go get auntie,

Auntie arrives oh no she grabs Dehu-j-ade
And wraps medicinal leaf around her arm
And bear carries her to the wikiup,
One arrow is sanitizing the string
To stitch her wrist.


Dehu-j-ade wakes up and see’s bear,
Worried that she would freak out,
Dehu-j-ade smiles and says thank you,
Spirit bear was amazed about how Dehu-j-ade
Has no fear,

Dehu-j-ade responds I’m hungry
And thirsty,
Auntie says here baby girl drink
One arrow says please don’t ever do that again,
She replies back,
Sorry uncle I won’t again,
One arrow asked why did you?

Because I failed
I couldn’t kill him,
I felt empathy for him,

And the nightmares wouldn’t stop,

One arrow says I will be right back,
He looked at auntie,
Are you going to stop me this time?
She says no son,
We need to get rid of the darkness,

One Arrow opened the door
Without saying a word,
He cut dark spirit’s throat,
And set fire to the wikiup,

By the time Maribeth came back from
Town she panicked,
She was not worried if her daughter
Was in there,
She started crying over dark spirit,
She heard aunties voice,
You need to leave,
And if you care anything about Dehu-j-ade,
She tried killing herself,
Because what your lover did to her,

Meribeth left without seeing if Dehu-j-ade
Was okay, Auntie and one arrow
Built her a room,
She said I’m staying here with everyone,
Yes, baby girl,
Dehu-j-ade felt so much safer now.


Dehu-j-ade special day today
She is now twelve,
Auntie tells wolf and bear to take her
Somewhere to play,while we prepare
Her ceremony,

They all go to the mountains
And she relaxes by the tree and falls

Bear tells wolf we need to find her father
To help us, agreed wolf says,
Wolf looks over , just look at her
She is perfectly imperfect, with a pure heart,
And a fighting spirit,
Bear replies,
The way she tells her story,
With a powerful voice,
Wolf replies, we need to keep her safe, bear replies,
Your right, I will do everything to keep her protected, wolf yawns and says to be honest,
This child will not make our job easy,
Bear starts laughing, right she is a wild one,,
And she’s only ten, I don’t even want to think about
When she turns sixteen,
Wolf laughs, don’t remind me,
. Well wolfie she will be waking up soon,
We should go hunt for food,
Wolf caught a dear and bear got her a salmon,
As soon as they returned,
They heard her scream in pain
Bear arrives and sees a mountain lion on top
Of Dehu-j-ade her arm and leg were bleeding,
The mountain lion charges to attack bear,
Wolf drags Dehu-j-ade out of danger,
Bear returns and sees wolf howling,
He looks at bear and says it won’t stop,
Bear says we should of never left alone,
Wolf replies I shouldn’t have never left her alone,
I’ve always been by her side since she was born,
Bear asks wolf so you have been her protector,
Yes I have says wolf, she is very important to me and my brother we are from the future,
well in human form, bear asks wolf where is your brother? Wolf replied he will be here soon,,
But he is not a wolf, he is a sky creature,
His name is crow, he is almost here to bring a message from the creator, Don’t worry bear it was both our faults, bear responds she is burning up,
Losing a lot of blood, and having intense pain,
I hear something says bear, it’s my older brother crow, Wolf says I’m so happy to see you brother,
He introduced crow to bear,
Crow replies it’s an honor to be in your presence,
Bear replies it’s a blessing and honor to finally
Meet the creator’s messenger,
Wolf looks at both of them, and says what am I
Chopped liver? Crow replies with a chuckle,
Little brother you are very important,
You have kept our grandmother safe since birth,
Crow we wasn’t supposed to say anything,

Crow responded I was sent here early because
The creator feels bear needs to know and only you and bear can collect the medicine,
To save her, I will watch over her,
Wolf you know where to go show because he is the only one to get close and grab it,
Now hurry she is losing to much blood,
Crow watches Dehu-j-ade with worry,
She is in so much pain and burning up,
He whispers please Grandmother fight,
Heal yourself,
He looks up hearing footsteps,
It’s wolf and bear, they look sad,
Crow asks where’s the medicine?
Wolf looks up with sadness and says it’s all gone,
We had to hide because when we got there,
The light skinned humans took all of it,
Wolf response is brother what are we going to do?
She’s getting worse, Crow replies keep her warm
I will be right back, try and get her water, and Fly’s off, bear says I’m going to the river and bring back water, wolf replies okay but one question,
What are you going to carry it in? And how you going to carry it? Bear responded, that’s two questions, and to answer very carefully,
Wolf replies alright bro, bear looks at him and says, I’m not a bro dude, with a confused look,
Bear says I’m a sister, wolf chuckles and tells bear,
I was wondering why your voice was so soft,
I thought no scratch that, bear responds you know wolfie your something special,
Wolf nods and says awe thanks sis, I wish be right
Back wolfie,
Wolf lays next to Dehu-j-ade to keep her warm,
He has tears in his eyes, thinking in his mind
So she doesn’t hear, now I know why you kept things from us, like pain and sadness,
We never seen you in pain, or seen you cry,
Only when you was overjoyed, I love you Grandmother, wolfie was startled and became alert, then he realized who it was

wolf gets excited it’s raven,
Raven replies it’s good to see you son,
Where is your brother, he went to get auntie

Raven asked, how is she? Wolf says
She’s burning up, and lost a lot of blood,
Raven looks over at Dehu-j-ade, and says mom,
Wolf says father not too loud, she can’t know about us not yet,
Raven told wolf go get auntie,
He turned to leave and here comes crow, auntie and crow is here, crow says dad, wolf gets excited auntie is here,
Auntie pats him on the head and says you’ve done well nephew, she looks over at Dehu-j-ade laying there in agony,
She looks over and tells Raven and Crow I need you to both shape-shift into your human form now,
They both step away and they both make a spiritual sound,
And all of a sudden 1you could see visions of earth’s creatures, then they became human, go get me horsetail plant,
The first spring berries and I need water, wolf responded, bear went to get her water, auntie grabs Dehu-j-ade and starts singing a prayer, she looks at the four guardians,
It’s time I spoke with the creator, she will know when she gets well,

The creator shows up in the image of smiling bear,
She will know her true name and true Calling
When she wakes up,

He looked at the four Guardians and said I’m proud of you all, bear looks sad, creator asks why so sad bear it’s my fault
She is going through this, it’s nobody’s fault,
It was her second challenge to strengthen her,
They will be many more,
I chose the four of you to protect her,
Because all four of you are related in human form,

Bear speaks up can someone please fill me in,
Raven replies I am the messenger for the creator,
He sent me here to be the fourth guardian,
And I am wolf and Crow’ father,
That’s all I can say for now,

Crow speaks up, here they come
Auntie brought medicine and bandages,
Stop the bleeding and get her fever down before
One arrow can carry her home.
The next day her fever broke,
And auntie asked Dehu-j-ade how are you feeling?

Sore auntie,
Auntie replies are you able to walk?
Dehu-j-ade says I don’t know let me try,
She stands slowly and takes small steps,
I’m able to walk,
Auntie says I finished your regalia,

Will you be able to dance tonight?
Yes, I will be able to dance,
Can I see my regalia auntie?
Yes, let me get it,
Here you go,
Dehu-j-ade was astonished by
How beautiful her regalia is,
It looks like stars and the moon,
You will find out why,
Later tonight after your first
Prayer dance. Auntie asks Dehu-j-ade,
Did you see him yet? Who auntie? Smiling Bear,
Auntie I know my father was killed right after he left me
When I was seven, it’s the creator, how did you know?
Remember auntie about my dreams?

Oh yes your gift,,

Outside the four guardians
Are talking about their purpose
For being Dehu-j-ade’s guardian
Wolf has been her guardian since birth,
The crow and raven can shape-shift,
Bear was sent because she is protective
And strong,

Bear says Wolfie what is your name?
Wolf replies, well its is’ wolfie,
Crow and raven are laughing,
My name is spirit,
And raven is black feather and crow,
Is called little crow,

Bear speaks about what she noticed
About Dehu-j-ade,
She is very strong, with a pure soul,
And the heart of a warrior,
Why does she have to go through so
Much pain so young,

Raven replies the creator is strengthening her,
She has powerful words and how she tells
Story’s from the soul,
She will save our people through storytelling,

Bear asks raven is she’s the healing storyteller?
Yes, and darkness is weak to her gift.

Chapter eight.

The creator arrives in the form of smiling Bear,
Asking the four Guardians,
To follow him so he can explain new plans,
Ok raven I need you to be her eye’s
And crow same for you,
Wolf and bear for now on be close
Don’t leave her side,

Yes, creator it will be our honor,
Raven asks it something bad going to happen?
Creator replies, they will always be danger near her, so please be alert, my son the darkness wants her,
Creator replies, they will always be danger near her,
My son who lives in darkness wants her,

Guardians are you ready?
Yes, we are,
Creator replies,
Let’s go join the ceremony,

Everyone can I have your attention
Can everyone stand in a circle
With an opening for Dehu-j-ade
To make her entrance,

While we wait for her
Let me begin with how important
You all are and I’m proud you all gave her the love and care she needed,
Tonight, she will learn her true name,
And be given four gifts, from her guardians, ok here she comes
Let’s begin with a welcoming song,

Dehu-j-ade makes her way inside the circle as she’s dancing like she is a shooting star and gliding through clouds
Wolf says she is a star,
The song ends,
She looks up it’s the creator in her father’s
Image and she smiles,

The Creator asks Dehu-j-ade can you please come and stand in front of me
And your four Guardians,
They take their place,
And can I have the elders who witnessed
This child’s birth,
Dehu-j-ade it’s time for your aunt reveal
To you, your given name
Auntie step forward,

Auntie speaks,
Dehu-j-ade my beautiful niece
She goes on about the story of her birth
And why, then she says Dehu-j-ade
Your real name is stars in her eyes,
And the four Guardians will tell you why they were chosen,

Star danced like she was floating around
In her own Galaxy, and when her song was over,
She took her place in the middle of the sacred circle,

Creator asked wolfie to enter the circle
And tell stars why you were chosen to be
Her guardian, wolfie clears his throat,
And starts to begin but was interrupted by star, you can talk spirit? Then bear interrupts your name is spirit?
Dang wolfie,

Creator stops them okay enough with the teasing, proceed wolfie, I mean spirit,
Ha hah ha spirit, okay where was I,
Oh, star I been with you since the day
You were born, I’m here to protect you from danger, because if you was to die
Well, your people will suffer in the future,
Stars replies I knew you was special spirit,
Thank you, star, now it’s Crow’s turn,

Hello star I know you just met me,
But in the future, we are very close,
We have a bond you and me,
See me and wolf are brothers,
And the reason why I’m a crow and he’s a wolf, is because you and papa gave us
Our spirit names, I’m Little Crow, and wolf is Little wolf, we are your grandsons,
Sent from the future to keep you safe,

Now I let raven speak,
Raven speaks up,
Let me begin with hello mom,
I’m your son, and Crow and wolf’s father, I came here because I heard my
Son’s cry I knew they needed me,
As I entered the past, and seen you fighting to live, I knew I needed to stay
And be your fourth garden, see mother
You are a very important person in the future, your storytelling is saving a lot of our people and healing the younger generation, so I’m going to close with,
I love you mom, star grabs all three and hugs them, and tells them don’t worry
I will try and make your jobs easy,
Bear is it your turn? Star asks,
The creator replies, it’s not time for bear
To reveal who she is just yet,
She will reveal on your sixteenth birthday,
Ok creator, Auntie steps in My Beautiful niece, you may be excused now and go play, okay auntie, my four Guardians do you want to go look at the Stars with me?
We will be honored too,

Wolf, Crow, raven, and bear,
All ask star as they are looking at the stars if she could recite a poem?
She said yes I can, this is called I listen,

I hear the words

I take it all in

I feel the music

In my soul

It keeps me balanced

Thoughts begin to flow

Emotions pour through

As my tears fall

My pen now has ink

To create these words

As I write my story

My Signature

Into my own poetry

My style

When I voice my soul

Its mine

Not like anyone else

Cuz its theirs

My poetry is mine

I create with my

Tears that bleed from

This soul of mine

Just listen without sound

My soul will play the music

For my readers to hear.

That was Beautiful stars in her eyes,
The four guardians said,
Stars in her eye’s replied thank you so much,

one more and I’m going to bed,
Okay stars in her eyes,

A girl with stars in her eyes,

She tells stories about a life

Full of sadness, Darkness ,childhood

,trauma, addiction, heartbreak,

And happiness of true love,

New beginnings, her story she lived,

Her eyes looked like galaxies,

She recreated her story in art,

This girl had so many poetic visions,

She was Beautiful,

She slept under the stars,

Tells stories of her moon

He was her Universe ,

The only one to calm her storm,

She has a rage that couldn’t be caged,

He came and touched her

With a gentle kind of love,

She found solace

In his loves embrace

He kept a promise for her

His eyes will only adore her

Her true beauty was his forever ,

That was really beautiful,
Crow and raven,
Replied we remember this one
Stars says that is so odd it’s been in
My brain since you two showed up,

Stars in her eyes told everyone goodnight
And went in for the night,
Bear said, she is going to be a handful,
Why you say that bear?
Raven asks, bear said well look she is almost fourteen and she is becoming a beautiful woman,
Raven said oh I agree,
In the future when I was becoming a teenager my friends always wanted to hang out at my place just to check my mom out, I got in a lot of fights,
Do you blame them asked bear,
No my mom is very beautiful,
Where you thinks I get my looks?
Raven starts laughing, bear responds
Well it’s time for me to rest, raven says okay, goodnight, Bear responds sweet dreams.


Stars in her eyes and the guardians
Are enjoying the beautiful sunny day,
Down at the river, she turned sixteen
And her family is preparing her coming of age
And sweet sixteen ceremony,
Her auntie is putting more shells on her regalia
The guardians took stars in her eyes to the river,
She can hear stars laughing, Auntie says to herself,
I love the sound of my niece when she’s happy,

Raven flies over hello auntie,
Should we have her dry off now,
Auntie replies oh yes, I forgot,
She looks at raven, what’s wrong raven?
A visitor showed up, and he is fond of my mother
And he isn’t my father, his name is chasing heart
She’s only sixteen, she didn’t have you till she was twenty-one, give it time you can’t interrupt the past, I know auntie,

Don’t be rude raven invite him,
Ok smile nephew, it’s kind of hard when I’m bird,
Auntie tells raven, come here, what’s up auntie?
Your father is here, you need to tell Little Crow to keep it cool, ok I’m on it, Raven yells over to crow and wolf, sons come here, raven says boys your papa just arrived, Crow starts getting excited, Papa? My papa is here?
Yes, son but he can’t know about us yet,
Where crow go dad, wolf says he’s about to shape-shift, oh no!

Raven stops crow son you can’t mess with the past
Auntie says everyone the ceremony is beginning,
Where is stars in her eyes? Raven is getting angry
Auntie says calm down she’s in the wikiup getting
The singing begins, stars make her way inside the

Crow seen his grandfather and flew over to the river, auntie told raven go get your son, where is he? By the river, crow is crying, raven says son don’t be sad, crow says I miss papa, he is right there and I can’t hug him, last time I seen him was before I left the future, and he was sick dad,
I know son but before I left, he was better working on his Harley, sounds about right, papa always fixing something,

The fire is ready and everyone is gathered around the circle, stars in her eyes dances her way into the 8sacred circle, she looks likes she is floating on clouds, her regalia looks like a Galaxy, and she’s the shooting star, she looks over, and seen her guardians, and smiles, Stars eyes are shining brighter when she seen chasing heart,
But as she dances to the other side, she seen Blackhorse, and smiled,
Blackhorse glances over and seen her smile,
And he started feeling something he never felt before,

Raven seen the reactions and started smiling,
Auntie says to raven see told you but don’t rush it,
The song ends, and creator says now I will begin
He starts with by saying, this medicine wheel we have formed, is a sacred hoop, as we are honor the child of the stars, and her four Guardians who protect her through her four stages of life, birth, youth, and death,
She will be challenged, through life,
Spiritual, emotional, mental, physical,

She has been given four gifts,
Strength, courage, empathy, joy,
Her physical traits,
Her beauty, her eyes, her smile, and her figure,

Her four abilities,
Storytelling, dancing, cooking, healing,
Now will everyone but stars in her eyes, the elders,
And Guardians please look towards the stars,

Stars in the future you lost a girl before you had raven, I’m returning her in two years,
You will name her lyric rain, stars accepted his choice, he responded with you Don’t want to know why, no father I will know when she is born,
I brought two of your lovers from the future,
You won’t see them anymore after tonight,
You will cross paths again though in the future,
Okay father, creator responded now my child of the stars go enjoy the rest of your special night,
She smiles and gives him a hug, he says to her,
Your special, a true fighter and you will win all my challenges,


Almost midnight, and it is raining,
The wind is howling so nobody heard
Stars in her eyes leaving,

Crow was frightened of the thunder
Raven was trying to comfort his son,
And wolf was pacing back and forth,
He felt something terrible, raven says
Sin please I can’t hear with you and the wind howling, sorry dad, but something is wrong, I have this feeling grandma is in danger, I feel it too son,

But you two need to get use to calling her stars in her eyes or Dehu-j-ade,
They both replied,
“Yes Dad”. Raven speaks up, I mean it
Yes, father we heard you,
And don’t roll your eyes at me,
They both look at each other, how did he see us? They both ask,

Morning arrived and still no Dehu-j-ade,
Auntie steps out of her wikiup,

And ask the guardian, have you seen my niece?
Raven say still no sign of her,
Aunties says something is wrong,
Wolf has been howling all night
He hasn’t been apart from her since she was born, auntie says I will burn some sage and ask the creator for help
Give me a few minutes,
The three-guardian pace back and forth
In front of aunties wikiup,
She finally comes out,
And tells them give her until the end of the day, then if she doesn’t return, he will send spirit bear, they try and keep their minds occupied,
I hope she’s alright? Wolf says
She is I know she has to be raven says,
They were being silly,
Making lyric rain giggle,

Stars in her eye’s was trying figure out
Why the sun came up so fast,
And everything begins to bloom,
She was curious,

She heard lyric laughing,
Oh, another gift of hers,
My Little blessing, THE STORYTELLER
Written by
Poetic Beauty

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