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The author Poetic beauty

I have so many notebooks full of my writings, I handwriting all my work before I type, I go through alot of pens,

For me I enjoy handwriting everything first and dating it, that’s my Copyright, to prove my work is original, even if my stories Don’t get recognized, I know it will be enjoyed by my kids and grandkids and then thier children, I’m a Storyteller, so my imagination, the things I had to learn, and our traditions that was handed down to me from the elders, to keep our traditions alive I tell them stories , it’s an honor to be a storyteller,


There once was a little boy 

   Named little Crow 

Who was always happy and joyful

   He was a very active 2 year old

Curious about everything, 

    His  Mommy and Daddy 

Was always chasing him,

He was always excited when his cousins 

 Came to visit ,he was always trying to get them to play, but they we’re a little older ,

   They was into phones ,tablets,

He didn’t understand why they wouldn’t play with him,

He would get upset ,trying to take their tablets away, or hit them ,

 He was always getting punished,

    Little Crow didn’t understand his cousins 

But he didn’t give up trying, 

He would go play by himself 

   Little Crow had quite the imagination 

He loved being around his papa,

   And enjoyed cuddling with his grandma,

And her singing their native language, 

  It was the NaNa song,

He would use anything as a drum 

  And sing the song or do his little native dance,

     Always giggling and playing,

His Mom and dad 

Loved that about Little Crow 

   They didn’t let him get hooked on phones 

And tablets, 

They wanted their little Crow 

   To use his imagination, and play without 

All the electronics, 

Little Crow was a creative 2 year old 

   Who loved playing and laughing 

And had a great imagination…