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Thank you. Poetic Beauty

Only You….

Only you could make

 my soul 

  Fall in love with yours, 

Only you know how to

 Hold my heart 

 .  And repair it,

Only you can keep my heart

 Beating to loves rhythm,

Only you could shatter this heart 

  And put it back together 

Like a beautiful puzzle,

Only you can turn 

My hell into heaven baby,

My only sweet desire

   My only forever star,

Only you can mean everything

To me baby,

Only Youđź’•


Thinking as tears fall

  Why do I keep hurting myself?

Like a shadow in the distance 

   Invisible to all,

There I go again, 

Messing everything up, 

   Got confused and lost you,

Your running through my mind again,

    Come back don’t leave me here,

It never stops,

There I go again, 

I have my sorrow ,

   And I have my pain 

But I don’t have you,

  So lost and confused, 

Trying to find my way,

   Like a shadow in the distance, 

Invisible to all,

   Trying to find my way 

Back to you.

The author Poetic beauty

I have so many notebooks full of my writings, I handwriting all my work before I type, I go through alot of pens,

For me I enjoy handwriting everything first and dating it, that’s my Copyright, to prove my work is original, even if my stories Don’t get recognized, I know it will be enjoyed by my kids and grandkids and then thier children, I’m a Storyteller, so my imagination, the things I had to learn, and our traditions that was handed down to me from the elders, to keep our traditions alive I tell them stories , it’s an honor to be a storyteller,

The Storyteller

Just a sneak peak of my upcoming book




              Written by

                           Poetic Beauty





I screamed,

  I cried,

Even asked why?

   Creator please I need you,

His reply was,

It was not your time,

  Why can’t I just give up?


Because I gave you courage,

Don’t worry child,

All your dreams are about to come true,

  Happiness is near,

My child are you ready,




Child for what I been preparing you for,

Are you sure I’m ready father?



Chapter one


Born on a full moon

The elders’ witnessed

  This special birth,


It was very inspirational

How the stars lit the night sky

 In honor of the child

born of the stars,


Her eyes had Galaxies in them

   Her Auntie gave her a powerful name,

   Dehu-jade’s Spirit name is

“Stars in her eye’s”


The Creator was pleased

  With a smile,

He made it clear nobody is to tell

  Her about the name


Till she is twelve years of age,

  I need to strengthen her,

She will start her challenges at an early age,

  Her Beautiful Soul,

Will have no hatred,

   Only empathy,


She will be adored

By how she smiles through pain,

  Her Auntie will be the only one

To tell her when time comes,

   You will all call her dehu-j-ade,

I will send four special guardians

To protect her,




Dehu-jade’s laughter was precious

To her father,

He can hear her as he is returning

  From his hunt,

They had a bond that could never be broken,

   Each time dehu-j-ade’s father

Would reach the top of the hill

  He would make an owl call,

She would repeat the call,


And run over to meet him halfway,

Her father would lift her and put her on his shoulders and pull the carrier with deer meat,

 As the get close to their wikiup,

Smiling Bear,

 Would tell her the story of night

   She was born,

And how she will save her people,

Through Storytelling,


Dehu-j-ade would get excited,

 With her bright smile,

I can’t wait Daddy,

  Smiling Bear would reply

And tell her I can wait,

  Not too fast Baby Girl,


Why Daddy?

Because my little princess

I want to enjoy watching your childhood



Dehu-jade says okay daddy not too fast,



It was a Beautiful sunny day

Everything was going well,

They made it back,

Dehu-j-ade says wait Daddy

I made you something,

Ok princess I will be inside

Washing up for dinner,

Okay father,


She runs over to get her gift she made

 It was a thick redwood stick she found and

She took the arrowhead she found by the river

 And wrapped it with sinew tightly

  And tied a couple of turkey feathers at the end,

    She was so excited,

Now father can get big fish with this,

 All of a sudden, she heard yelling,

   And a strange man came running out,

Her father came out with a shotgun,

 Daddy No!


Smiling Bear seen the fear in his Little Girls eye’s,


He turned around and apologized to her,

   Everyone knew dehu-j-ade did not like violence,

Smiling Bear came back out with his Belongings, walking over to say his goodbyes,



Daddy has to leave,

  With tears in her eyes, she hugs him tightly,

Daddy don’t leave me here,

  Smiling Bear replied,

I will come back for you,

  You promise daddy?


Princess you know Daddy doesn’t

Make promises because sometimes

Things don’t go the you want

Then that promise has to be broke,


 I will make sure you are taking cared of

   And loved,

Daddy how? when you’re leaving me,

  You’re the only one who loves me,

Smiling Bear Replied “

  Baby girl your auntie loves you too

Oh yeah, I forgot,

But what I meant Daddy was between you

And mommy, you’re the only one who loves me,

  Ah baby girl your mom loves you,

Dehu-jade replied,

You sure about that Daddy?


  Smiling Bear laughs with tears in his eyes,

   You are very special little girl,

I’m so blessed the creator let me be your father,

   Dehu-j-ade tells her daddy,

Then why do you want make him mad?

  I don’t want you to be spanked because mommy is bad,

Smiling Bear tries not to laugh,


Awe baby girl,

He won’t spank me,

  I have already talked it over with him,

   Now before I go do you want to show me what

You made?


Dehu-j-ade oh yes,

Here Daddy you are going to need this

 He was so surprised,

Do you know what it’s for Daddy?

   Yes, a spear for fishing,

Dehu-j-ade giggles,

   I love you my little princess,

I love you too Daddy,

  Smiling Bear didn’t want to let go of

His baby girl,


He walked away and then looked back

   She was laying by her wolf crying,

He yelled I love you Princess’

  I promise I will come for you,





She grabs Dehu-j-ade

And drags her out,

Dehu-jade’s auntie and uncles came

 Running to help her,


Her uncle says you can’t take her

From us, she belongs with her people,

   Maribeth responded in anger,

She belongs with my family,

  Dehu-j-ade reaches out for her auntie

I don’t want to leave,


Auntie says as they she watched them leave,

  Her family is going mistreat and abuse her,

Her uncle replied,

How can anyone hurt her?


They arrived Maribeth says come on,

Dehu-j-ade is crying,

Please I don’t want to stay here,

Too bad now come on,

Her great aunt answers the door,

  Come in she says,


She looked at Dehu-j-ade

And says she’s Indian?

  Maribeth replied yes, she is,

   I’m sorry I dishonored the family

Having a child from an Indian

 Please forgive me,


I did love him once,

But lost it, when he put all his attention

To our daughter,


Her aunt asks does this child know

How to wash dishes?

  Yes, she is very good at doing her chores,


When will you come for her?

 A month Aunt Carol,

  Ok she can sleep out in the barn,

Thank you so much,


She went to hug Dehu-j-ade,

  Her daughter turned away,

And tells her I will never forgive you






Dehu-j-ade was always sad after

Being at her aunt Carol’s house,


Dehu-j-ade was made a slave

Doing everyone’s chores,

  Being mistreated and blamed

For her cousin’s misbehavior,

 She was punished by being

Whipped with a willow tree branch,


She is trying not to cry as she is scrubbing

The floor,


The doorbell rings

She answers the door,

  It was her mother,

Meribeth didn’t even ask her what was wrong,

   She just told her to get her things,


Dehu-j-ade replied I don’t have nothing here,

 Let’s just go, she grabbed Dehu-j-ade by the shoulder,

Dehu-j-ade cried out in pain,

  Meribeth lifted her daughter’s shirt,

And was shocked to see the lashes and bruises on her back,


I didn’t know she told Dehu-j-ade,

   Dehu-j-ade replied,

Maybe you didn’t but you left me here

Without listening when I said they are mean to me,

  You just didn’t care,


Without Maribeth letting her aunt know

  She just left, Dehu-j-ade got closer only to

Find dark spirit inside the vehicle,

  She was upset and didn’t say a word

All the home,






Dehu-jade turns ten today

  But she doesn’t smile,

Dark Spirit did things to her,


Her auntie is worried,

  Her uncle one arrow asked the elder

What’s wrong auntie?

She replies look at our niece,

  Trying not to cry,

She changed, never smiles anymore,

   Always outside making sharp weapons,

      The only one she opens up to is her wolf,

 One arrow answer’s back,

Why is she making those weapons? Huh

  I think dark spirit is hurting her,

 One arrow becomes very angry,

  With rage,

Dear Star

I screamed,
I cried ,
I even asked the creator why,
I got my answer
it wasn’t your time
why can’t I give up

Because I gave you courage
Don’t worry my precious star,
Your trial is almost over
And your true happiness is near
Your ready for what
I been preparing you for,

Then your dreams will come to you,
Then why do I feel so broken ?

Oh child that’s just the devil tricking you
Your strong ,
Stars in her eye’s are you ready ,
To pass your biggest battle ?
Yes I’m ready…

Are you ready Child

I screamed, 

   I cried ,

I even asked the creator why,

I got my answer 

   He isn’t the one ,

Then why do I love him ,

   Because I gave you a heart that loves deep,

Don’t worry my precious star,

Your trial is almost over

    And your true love is near

Your ready for what 

I been preparing you for,

   Then your wish will come to you,

Then why do I feel so broken ?

Oh child that’s just the devil tricking you

   Your strong ,

Stars in her eye’s are you ready ,

    To pass your biggest battle ?

Yes I’m ready…