Does anyone want to collaborate with me ? I just wanting to start new things and meet new authors and poets , if anyone is interested I will be publishing a new poetry book and I would like some collaboration with some other talent and I will make sure you will get your share and credit, thankyou just email me at or on my blog I will be so much honored to have great talent sharing their words .

Thank you. Poetic Beauty

Only You….

Only you could make

 my soul 

  Fall in love with yours, 

Only you know how to

 Hold my heart 

 .  And repair it,

Only you can keep my heart

 Beating to loves rhythm,

Only you could shatter this heart 

  And put it back together 

Like a beautiful puzzle,

Only you can turn 

My hell into heaven baby,

My only sweet desire

   My only forever star,

Only you can mean everything

To me baby,

Only Youūüíē


She is a beautiful dream
  Tan skin ,Full lips 
 With long  hair 
Don’t try to tame her¬†
¬†She’s perfectly inperfect¬†
So passionately irresistible..
Her  gorgeous eyes,
She will see right through
¬†she’s¬† very strong willed
And stubborn 
   if your not gonna love her 
Don’t feed her false hope
She will shatter you 
If you not honest..
She will destroy you at your own game..

His Forever Beauty

He made her his forever
   Her beauty kept him 
She was to be his bride 
  The girl with stars in her eyes 
Her dress was of white silk 
   Hugging each curve of her body 
A modern day native bride 
 White feathers in her hair 
She was his forever beauty
   As he gazed at her 
Her eyes sparkling like diamonds 
   Her hair was  fire red 
Skin soft and brown 
  She was his forever beauty
With stars in her eyes..

I listen

I hear the words I take it all in I feel the music In my soul It keeps me balanced Thoughts begin to flow Emotions pour through As my tears fallMy pen now has inkTo create these wordsAs I write my story My Signature Into my own poetry My style When I voice my soul Its mine Not like anyone else Cuz its theirs My poetry is mine My heart bleedslisten without sound My soul plays the symphony For my readers to hear..