Healing is a Painful Process

A year ago i wanted to die 

 I didn’t wanna feel pain 

  I didn’t wanna think 

I wasn’t breathing 

  Thats how i wanted it, 

I couldn’t wake up 

   From this Nightmare 

I couldn’t erase it’s reality 

So I accepted that 

I might be a little broken 

But I’m alive, standing strong 

My Healing is my priority 

  To erase the damage from the inside 

Nothing is powerful enough to stop me. 

I found Solace deep within 

  And my soul embraced it 

The sun will rise again 

And im done falling apart 

I will be heard  

   I found my voice 

And Remind this world 

I’am still here…

Escaping Darkness

There’s a place i lived as a child
Its where souls die
Where my soul was chained
Where your screams were silenced
Darkness is where
all unwanted souls go

I was resilient to the Darkness
Fighting my way out
Escaping death and surviving
I managed to turn my pain
Into poetic art recreating
My story and the scars left
From my rage
No longer fear Darkness
I will erase the damage from the inside , the fighter i was forced to be
The warrior to keep
Darkness from attacking
I can now stand proud & strong
And tell you my story
Of how i saved myself from Darkness and became my own hero